Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi

With this aim, Smt. Kesri Devi Memorial Trust (Regd.) has launched a high quality, innovative and value based educational institute – KESRI TRAINING INSTITUTE (KTI) for all sections of society, especially the weaker section. The objective is to train youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with employable skills. We have initialized with different skill development programs in the field of Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Computer Application Course, and Personality Development by launching its First Head Office in Delhi. K T I is committed to the better understanding of knowledge and to the development of skills.


Personality Development Course

Ace your exam with us every month! It's for personal development, our monthly exams provide an opportunity for growth and progress. Join us in this journey towards success. Our skill-building program is designed to help you improve your abilities and gain new knowledge in your field. From technical skills to soft skills, we've got you covered. Passing the end-of-course exam is required for certification.

The perfect investment is an investment in yourself. At KTI, we aim to make you a “master of confidence”, on improving self-confidence, expressive ability, public speaking, removing any shyness and hesitation, self-doubt, self-consciousness and stage fear. The salient features of our Personality development course includes:

What You Will Learn?
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Developing voice and speech modulation
  • Improving body language and expressive abilities
  • Inculcating observational skills
  • Learning time management and environment adaptation
  • Inculcating positive attitude
  • Developing success oriented confidence
  • Grasping the fundamentals of flawless communication skills
  • Positive visualization techniques
  • Interview skills

Lecture 01

20 min

Lecture 02

30 min

Lecture 03

35 min