Courses Details

Web Designing

Our Web-Designing courses are carefully planned out to match industry needs as well as individual career goals. We offer in-depth study of topics in accordance with industry requirements. KTI has the vision to equipping students with the required knowledge for designing websites for corporates, e-commerce etc. With this course, the student would be able to develop a skill set in designing, state of art websites. The course is divided into three-levels keeping in mind the students capabilities and requirements.

Elementary Level : This level is planned for the very beginners in computer technology. It is designed to incorporate the basic fundamentals of computer processes in students; covering the following topics:
• Basic Fundamental
• Word Pad
• MS-Word
• MS- PowerPoint
• MS- Excel

Intensive Level : This section consists of the internet related aspects of the web. It incorporates:
• Font Page
• Dream Weavers

Advanced Level: This level is allocated with learning of intense and skillful web designing. It includes
• JAVA Script
• VB Script
• ASP (Introduction)
• PHP (Introduction)
• Project

Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing is a highly recommended skill-set today. Due to increase in use of social media and the internet, there is a high demand for skilled graphic designers for websites, mobile apps and portals. At KTI, our graphic designing course aims to enable individuals with the knowledge of designing and developing creative graphics for websites, digital ads, print and publishing. The course is divided into three levels adhering to the capability and requirements of the students:.

Elementary Level : This level is sketched with the basic knowledge of graphic designing, planned for complete newbies in the field. It includes:
• Quark Xpress
• InDesign

Intensive Level : This is a more extensive level designed to nurture your knowledge of graphic designing. It incorporates :
• Page Maker
• Coral Draw
• Adobe Illustrator

Advanced Level: It is designed to inculcate further knowledge of tools to make you an expert in graphic designing. It includes:
• Adobe Photoshop

Computer Financial Acounting(TALLY):

KTI offers job oriented courses in Computer Financial Accounting (Tally). Here, individuals are trained for corporate sectors, banks, financial institutions, marketing, IT sectors, retail etc. Our program aims at delivering quality education in the arena of technical skills. The course is divided into various levels adhering to the capability and requirements of the students:

Elementary Level : This is our basic level to provide students with the primal yet fundamental knowledge of Computer Financial Accounting (Tally). It includes:
• Basic Accounts
• Accounting
• Terminology
• Accounting Techniques
• Profit and Loss Account

Intensive Level :This course is to expand your knowledge of Tally furthermore so that it can be used at a corporate level. It incorporates:
• Classification of Tally
• Ledgers
• Sale and Purchase Order
• Interest Calculations

Advanced Level: This level is designed to incorporate in students the complete knowledge of Tally and develop a skill-set that can be used at international level in finances. It includes:
• Debit and Credit Note
• Tax Deduction at Source
• Payroll

Computer Application Course

KTI offers Computer Application Course on all sorts of levels and prepares individuals for various kind of jobs. Computers are a must in every field today and hence their knowledge is a must to join the work force. The course is divided into various levels adhering to the capability and requirements of the students:

Elementary Level : This course provides the very basic knowledge of computer applications and is particularly designed keeping in mind the new comers. It includes:
• Basic Fundamental
• Types of Computer
• Base of Computer

Intensive Level : This level is equipped with imparting fundamental knowledge of MS- Office. It incorporates:
• MS-Word
• MS-PowerPoint
• MS-Excel
• MS-Access

Advanced Level: This particular level has a more internet-based curriculum planned to impart the knowledge on the usage of various internet portals, which is, nowadays, a must have skill. This level includes:
• Email (Receiving and Sending)
• Window Setting
• Social Networking Sites

English Speaking Course

At KTI, we follow a unique and comprehensive approach in providing the students with basic knowledge of spoken English and then furthermore develop advanced skills and in-build confidence to communicate in English effectively in everyday life. The course is divided into various levels adhering to the capability and requirements of the students:

Elementary Level : This course is particularly designed, keeping in mind the beginners and partial acknowledgers of the language. It is planned as such to avail the need of students in their studies as well as work. It covers the following aspects:
• Alphabetical Sounds
• Sight Words
• Sentence Formation/ greetings
• Interactive Speaking sessions
• Basic Grammar and Reading
• Speech delivery/ Communication practice

Intensive Level : This level is designed keeping in mind various career requirements and competitive exams. It incorporates:
• Pronunciation ( Phonetics-Phonology)
• Reading and Writing Skills
• Vocabulary Building
• Group Discussions
• Presentation Skills
• Interview Orientation
• Letter/Email Writing

Our courses include audio-video techniques, to make learning much more easily and fun. Our study material is also made available in a simpler, comprehensive language. We also conduct weekly tests to comprehend the extensive understanding of the students.

Written/Spoken/ Practical examinations will be conducted duly after completing each level. Performance certificates would also be delivered.

Personality Development Course

The perfect investment is an investment in yourself. At KTI, we aim to make you a “master of confidence”, on improving self-confidence, expressive ability, public speaking, removing any shyness and hesitation, self-doubt, self-consciousness and stage fear. The salient features of our Personality development course includes:
• Enhancing self-confidence
• Developing voice and speech modulation
• Improving body language and expressive abilities
• Inculcating observational skills
• Learning time management and environment adaptation
• Inculcating positive attitude
• Developing success oriented confidence
• Grasping the fundamentals of flawless communication skills
• Positive visualization techniques
• Interview skills