About Us

About The Institute

"Whatever be the field, determination is important towards focused goal."
We shouldn’t just dream of success, we should work for it. If you are truly passionate about something and not afraid of working hard for achieving it, then you surely deserve it. In accordance with these values, Smt. Kesri Devi Memorial Trust (Regd.) has launched a high quality, innovative and value based educational institute – KESRI TRAINING INSTITUTE (KTI), an empowering organization for the economically underprivileged individuals of the society. Our objective is to train youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and emancipate them with employable skills. We have initialized various skill development programs in the fields of Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Computer Application Course, and Personality Development by launching its First Head Office in Delhi. K T I is committed towards better understanding of knowledge and development of skills in individuals.

We have carefully designed all the courses keeping in mind the struggles faced by an individual to achieve success in this widely competitive environment. We will empower you with practical and theoretical knowledge throughout our courses in varied fields. This outlook promotes skilled manpower in the country and also would narrow down the current gap of demand and supply of skilled labour.

"Imparting theoretical & practical instructions and guidance to youth for seeking entry into various vocation & profession.”

Welcome Note by Director

Our motto is to contribute to the growth of the country by providing skillful education to individuals who are unable to attain them due to crisis of funds or other social issues. Individuals are made to attain their full potential at KTI.

" Believe in yourself and have a positive outlook. "

Our Vision

K T I aims to provide various job oriented skill development training programs to capacitate the underprivileged youth of our society, enabling them to earn their own livelihood of their own. Our objective is to cater to students who have discontinued educations or are unable to afford the costs involved in education away from their homes.

" Hard work has no substitute. "

Our Mission

To impart quality skill development, provide employment and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in young minds. To sanction underprivileged individuals towards attaining a holistic growth through encouragement, basic education and vocational skills. For youth who are interested in setting up their own enterprises and require support for new jobs, K T I provides the mentoring support to set up micro-enterprises. As an institution, we inculcates values like Commitment, Enthusiasm, Discipline, Zeal and Innovation in the students.

“Vocation & Profession.”.


To introduce and develop basic skill knowledge.
To promote personal growth of individual.
To motivate individual to work towards self-sustenance.
To expose individuals towards confronting challenges.
To provide employment support training.